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As the Paint Brush Replaces The Stethoscope

A Woman’s Journey, Solo Exhibition by Dr. Vasu Tolia

Written by: Anu Gopalakrishnan for
The Scarab Club located in one of the historic and magnificent districts in Detroit was a treat to several art lovers as Dr. Vasundhara Tolia, a Pediatric Gastroenterologist displayed her creative work under the poetic theme of “A Woman’s Journey”. The series of art exhibits displayed the myriad angles of a woman – from a grandmother, mother, sister, daughter to a wife, daughter-in-law, a working professional, a beloved, a healer a lonesome lover and a corporate star! The paintings depicted the various moods of a woman. 

The colorful treat showed Dr. Tolia’s soulful journey encountering many diverse experiences from modern to traditional – some picked from her life and some that she has witnessed. There was humor too as two paintings aptly named Temptation 1 and Temptation 2 reflected how Sandals and Bags have come to be a part of a woman’s personality. Her art captured and gave equal focus on women coming from all strata of life. The art exhibit was a bold interpretation as it displayed nudity as a natural creation rather than a sexual interpretation. 

The ambiance was architecturally splendid, as Dr. Vasu Tolia very calmly with a beautiful voice explained every instance of the exhibit to onlookers. Her works are mainly in acrylic, mixed media and occasionally oil. Do not miss this serene beauty in Detroit!
Support an independent artist by visiting The Scarab Club (Lounge – A Solo Exhibition by Dr. Vasundhara Tolia) at 217 Farnsworth St, Detroit, MI 48202 from July 12-August 19, 2017.  

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