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Detroit Indians

Indians first arrived in Detroit Michigan during 1930's. More people came in the late 1950's. The real growth began in the 60's. Engineers, academicians and doctors started settling down. The Big three started hiring engineering students in the area. The growth spurt started in late 1990's with the Y2K bug fix. The IT industry growth has ensured a steady increase in Indian immigrants in technology, engineering and staffing in Michigan.

Temples started sprouting about 20 years ago. Indian immigrants in Michigan visit temples on significant days and offer religious services to various gods in the Michigan area. Now there are over 50 Indian and South Asian organizations and about 90,000 people of Indian origin living in Michigan. A number of businesses are owned by Indians. is the primary communication medium for Indians in the area. Indians in Michigan are connected by
 Networking of Indians in Michigan and Detroit happens through

Michigan India business services products news and information are shared to the community through yellow pages. provides information news and talent through the miindia blog.

Indian associations in Michigan have several groups Detroit Telugu association in Michigan, Detroit tamil association tamil sangam in michigan, Malayalam club kerala club in Michigan, gujarati in Michigan gujarati samaj, kannada association in Michigan Punjabi association in Michigan Indian organizations in Michigan started years ago to bring a regional display of festivities and celebrations in Michigan.
Children and adults from Michigan Indian community participate in various events and celebrations around the year. provides information about all Michigan Indians their business work education political aspirations and religion.

Indian cricket in Michigan is very popular as General Motors, Ford Chrysler have Indian associations that promote cricket.
Indian restaurants in Michigan offer different dishes ranging from non-vegetarian Indian cuisines comprising of Indian cooking with eggs, chicken, fish, shrimps. Indians in Michigan can also feast on vegetarian restaurants that offer Indian snacks and sweets. There are over 50 Indian restaurants in Michigan using a variety of spices. Many Indian immigrants have started restaurants and shops in the Michigan area.
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