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Written by Anu Gopalakrishnan | Copyright 2013      

Michigan India’s oldest member “KakiBa” passes away.

Kakiba Surajben DoshiShe was a beacon of light for many and her dazzling look captured many hearts. regrets to inform the sad demise of Surajben Doshi - Michigan Indian community's very own "KakiBa". She passed in her sleep peacefully on June 2, 2013. KakiBa was 109 years when she passed away.

In her interview with in 2010, KakiBa represented simplicity and a spirit to die for! (Click here for the exclusive interview in 2010)

KakiBa passed away at the age of 109 - perhaps the longest living South Asian (hailing from India) in the United States of America. She will be remembered for her undying passion for good health and celebration. She believed that the bond of togetherness is strengthened by family and that commitment towards good health lies in dedication and discipline towards sharing and living life to the fullest. Of course, a good diet leads to a good lifestyle.

For those who have interacted with her, KakiBa’s spirit and smile will remain in our hearts forever!

Nandish Doshi, grandson of KakiBa shares the last moments of KakiBa.

Nandish Doshi, KakibaUp until recently, KakiBa had been incredibly strong in spirit, even still reciting her full prayers every day! However, in late April, she suffered an unfortunate fall and broke her leg. This immobilized her almost entirely and it is eventually what led to her passing. We began to understand that KakiBa anticipated her passing because she spoke to my father one week earlier. After making her peace with my dad, she stopped talking entirely. During her final week on this earth, she would still respond by squeezing our hands, so we knew she could hear us.

KakiBa conveyed her final thoughts and wishes to my dad, and she asked him to pass those words on to all of her family members and friends:

“All of you know that everyone has to leave this world one day, but when it happens it will be hard on everyone, particularly the family members. As you know, I have seen four generations and I am very much happy to see you all doing well. I have enjoyed my life with all of you to the fullest. So do not cry, just celebrate, whenever you need me I will be there for you”.

Michigan Kakiba
“I have to thank all of my sons, daughters, son-in laws, daughter-in-laws and all of my grand, great-grand and great-great-grandchildren who have provided me with a full and joyous life. I would like to give my special thanks to Bharati, who has taken care of me more than my own daughter could have, and I am very thankful to her. I have loved all of my kids, but being the only grandson of the family, Nandish (phafudo), I especially loved you. Ranjana, (phafudi), whatever time you have spent with me, I want you to know that you are a very kind and lovable person; I have enjoyed your company very much. Please take care of my Nandish. Nandish, you also take care of my Ranjana. I also ask for forgiveness from all of you if I have hurt your feelings at any time. My last wish is that you enjoy life, continue to support all of our family members and follow the legacy I am leaving behind”

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