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KS Chitra Interview by Miindia
The Southern Nightingale — Interview with the acclaimed singer K. S. Chitra
Exclusive interview by Anu Gopalakrishnan
Miindia Copyright 2016

Undoubtedly one of the top most talented female singer that the Southern film industry has ever produced, K.S Chitra is the jewel that keeps shining on! A versatile singer par excellence with a repertoire of South Industry’s choicest numbers, Chitra is a good human being who is constantly smiling. Her choices of musical numbers have given her an identity that very few receive in the industry.

Anu Gopalakrishnan had a short chat with K. S. Chitra, the Southern Nightingale who spoke about the shift in the perception of music, her ease for melodies and what it is to work with artists of all age groups.

KS Chitra is synonymous with melodies. Is this what you wanted to do always?
Yes. That’s what I was trained to do in my mind. If a director comes to me, the first thing I scope out is the genre of music. To me, a melody is an essential characteristic to a story and heightens the emotions of a film. I have always enjoyed singing melodies and I will not have it any different now.

Music then and now – anything specific that has changed?
There are lots of changes. Music then had team effort. There was respect for artists, their time. We created our own identities and we played it in harmony. The needs of the audience have changed too. I constantly need something new and challenging. Today, multiple singers sing for one artist in the same movie.

How is your experience working with newer and older artists?
I sang with several artists over several years. In the past, there were not that many lead singers. The reality shows have helped artists come a long way. The newer artists are very aggressive. But, all of them are very talented and you always learn something for everyone.

What do you have for the Michigan audience?
All concerts so far were a huge success. We would like to sing for the audience and cater to their needs. I have a lot of favorite songs, but that’s not the right approach to prepare the list of songs for a concert. We go by what is called audience timing. We feel the pulse of the audience and deliver the right mix. For Michigan, we have planned oldies and contemporary. I have heard a lot about the Detroit audience. The evening is dependent on how the audience would react. I am very eager and excited to visit Michigan.

There’s always that one song you love performing to. Which one is that?
Frankly speaking, all are my favorites. I do a lot of soul searching when I sign my numbers. I have sung so many in my life. All songs came with a specific reason and for a specific story. If I have to really think about it, Sindhu Bhairavi songs are often requested.

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Thanks to Michigan Tamil Sangam (Mr. Annadurai and Ms. Vidhya Satish) for coordinating this interview.

Interviewed & Written by: Anu Gopalakrishnan
Copyright Miindia ©2016

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