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Visitors Health and Travel Insurance

Visitors Health and Travel InsuranceThousands of visitors travel to USA every year from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Parents often visit their working children and spend several months in America. It is common knowledge that medical costs in USA are extremely high. Doctors and hospitals will expect somebody to guarantee payments for patients without insurance. There are cases where some people have been burdened with medical bills running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is critical for everybody to obtain medical health insurance regardless of health and age.

Students, new immigrants and IT consultants from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are also in need of health insurance after their arrival in America. Older new immigrants do not quality for the government funded medicare coverage and therefore need to obtain health insurance.

     Best insurance rates from multiple companies are offered by INSUBUY.COM. They offer Best visitors insurance deals. They are open 7 days a week (Tel: 866.467.8289). They have a team of well trained and licensed agents that can answer all the questions and recommend an appropriate insurance coverage. There are a number of factors to consider while purchasing a health insurance policy. In addition to cost, reputation of the insurance company and type of coverage it is important to sign-up with a company that makes filing a claim smooth and easy.

It is also critical to address issues related with pre-existing conditions. Agents at are well trained and courteous. facilitates easy application and sign-up. There is a general consensus that purchasing health insurance coverage in America is better than securing it in India. promotes based on their history, service and product offerings.

Key points:

  • Date of birth and passport information need to be accurate.
  • Coverage effective date can be determined by the customer.
  • No paperwork, no medical exam required.
  • Student health insurance provides excellent coverage and meets most University requirements.

Contact information
Phone (866) INSU-BUY or (866) 467-8289

Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceIf you are traveling within or outside USA it is essential to protect yourself with insurance. Travel insurance provides flight, medical coverage, repatriation and evacuation coverage. Trip cancellation insurance will ensure that you will get your money back if you are unable to make a previously booked trip. Cruise travel insurance is also available through  Call 866.467.8289 or email  for more information.

If you are a resident of USA and are traveling to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka you should consider purchasing travel insurance. A traditional health insurance policy from your employer may not cover all medical expenses.

Car Rental Insurance

Car Rental InsuranceEvery time you rent a car the rental company will present you with an option to purchase collision and loss damage insurance. The rates offered by companies through are less expensive with good coverage. This will give you peace of mind. It is necessary to buy this insurance before renting the car. If you have full insurance coverage on your car then it is likely that your insurance company will cover your rental car also (subject to some restrictions). Coverage is limited to damage to the rental car and daily “Loss of Use” charges while the car is being repaired.

Get information on visitors health insurance and travel Insurance in Michigan. Best insurance deals and rates from multiple companies are offered by INSUBUY.COM.
Contact information:
Phone (866) INSU-BUY or (866) 467-8289

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