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Wasim Akram in Michigan

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Wasim Akram, a legend in World cricket is in Michigan to participate in MICHCA (Michigan Cricket Association) awards function on Sunday September 28, 2003 at the Ford Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, Michigan. is pleased to present to you an interview with Wasim.

Miindia: What are your thoughts about cricket in the USA?
Wasim: Organizations like MICHCA deserve a lot of credit for promoting the game in the US. People from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and England are showing a lot of interest in support the game here. However, I feel that support from ICC (International Cricket Council) is very important. ICC has the funds and they should do something to promote the game here. Someday, if I get the opportunity, I will help.

Miindia: Do you see a Wasim Akram in today’s cricket?
Wasim: Yes. India’s Ashish Nehra reminds me of myself. He has a lot of talent and has the potential to do well. He just needs to take care of himself and stay clear of injuries. He does keep in touch with me. 

Miindia: Sachin Tendulkar … your thoughts?
Wasim: Sachin is the best batsman in the world. He is always under a lot of pressure and handles it very well. He is a very nice polite guy.

Miindia: What makes a good cricketer a Superstar?
Wasim: A lot of hard work. God given talent will help one shine for a couple of years. Being smart and working hard will help one last for 17 – 20 years. Players like Imran Khan and Kapil Dev are good examples. What is your favorite cricket stadium in the world?
Wasim: There is no doubt that it is the Melbourne Cricket Club stadium. It is an awesome place. With 120,000 people capacity … it is incredible. It was great to win the world cup in 1992 (Pakistan beat England). What is your favorite city in India?
Wasim: From a cricket standpoint, I like Chennai. I will never forget the standing ovation we (Pakistan) got when we won a test match there. It is true sportsmanship. 

More about Wasim:
Wasim also spoke about the fact that he enjoys spending time with his family,wife Huma and sons Tahmoor (age 6) and Akbar (age 3), since retirement.  He quickly added that his sons have no interest in cricket but hopes for it to change.  Wasim works out at the gym every morning, which also keeps his diabetes in check.  He was diagnosed with diabetes eight years ago and takes three jabs of insulin shots a day.  "It never affected my cricket but I was in denial for a month when I first found out" said Wasim.  He hopes to open clinics around Pakistan for kids to get tested for diabetes.  

Wasim has signed a contract with ESPN and expects to be busy commentating. However, Wasim expects to back in Detroit to help promote the game of cricket.

Special thanks to: Mr.Nabeel Ahmed (Vice Chairman) and Mr. Prasad Cherukuri (PR and Events) of MICHCA. 

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