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When Passion Strikes; Music Flows! - Exclusive chat with celebrity singer “Sonu Nigam”
Interviewed and Written by: Anu Gopalakrishnan
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A voice that has become the pulse of India! He is a child prodigy who began singing from the age of three and at 40, continues to enthrall his listeners across the world. India’s music icon, Sonu Nigam’s professionalism and talent has been written and spoken about in various vernaculars. His repertoire is one to die for and his charisma and stage presence – simply irreplaceable! 

After touching several hearts in 2012, Sonu Nigam is setting foot in Michigan once again and this time, with the sole intention of capturing our souls. The event is scheduled on June 7th at the spectacular Chene Park in Detroit with a capacity of over 4000 seats. Be a part of this magnificent evening by the Detroit River.  Buy your tickets now!

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Rock, Pop, Melody- suit your style. Cheers to Sonu Nigam – the man, the music machine, the complete rock star of India. In an exclusive interview with Anu Gopalakrishnan for, Sonu Nigam discusses at ease his experience singing in regional flicks, his love for music and the purpose behind his “Klose to my Soul” concert tour – presenting some excerpts:

What makes Sonu Nigam the singing sensation all over India?
I owe it to the people who provide me such opportunities. I rely totally on the person who teaches me the diction, takes care of those finer nuances, the minute pronunciations becomes very important in a language, especially when it’s not my mother tongue. As everyone knows, I am a decent impersonator and that skill always comes to my rescue. I speak Hindi and English mostly. I know Punjabi a little and I understand Bengali. Different directors have different situations and I have been blessed to work with such a diverse talent.

Over 700 Kannada songs, all of them hits since 1996- How did you manage Kannada?
So, I really don’t speak Kannada. But, somehow, I keep getting opportunities to sing in the language and hence I lean towards Kannada, especially when you have good people supervise your language. I always feel that I was destined to sing in the language. Today, it is my second home. I enjoy working with all the directors who are very humble and good to work with especially Mano Murthy, Hamsalekha, Gurukiran, Rajesh Ramnath and others. However, like all musicians I strongly believe that music should be enjoyed irrespective of the language.

In the initial years, you were often compared to Mohammed Rafi?
Well, in those days, there were a handful of voices and all the opportunities were provided only to the top few. So, from a listener’s perspective, if a new talent arrives, the stereotyped notion is to compare the voice with somebody popular. It is not only with music. When a new actor arrives, they say “he acts like Rajesh Khanna; or she looks like Sridevi”. Likewise, in music, you are always compared to Lataji, Ashaji, Rafi saab or Kishoreji or some other star singer. So when I entered, comparisons were bound to happen. Also, since I impersonate Mohammed Rafi’s songs, it was quite Ok for me. Soon, I evolved as a singer and gradually, I developed my own singing style.

Klose to My Soul – 2014 in Chicago Klose to My Soul – 2014 in Chicago Klose to My Soul – 2014 in Toronto Sonu Nigam invites you!

How did you manage to break that monotony in the film industry when only a few names were given the cream of the songs as opposed to today?
The industry always looks for new voices. When new scripts, new thinkers, new directors come on board, they look for some freshness and uniqueness of the voice to suit their storylines. As a singer, patience is key. Just because I want to be popular and heard, I should not make wrong decisions in the choice of my songs or films. Perseverance is of utmost importance. As every successful singer would say, the right song at the opportune time gives the singer the much needed break. Even if the film does not do well in the box office, the song becomes successful. That’s how “Acha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyar Ka” happened. Nowadays, we see that directors are looking for wholesome singers. With that I mean, singers who offer fluidity in their voices. Nowadays, a singer who sings melody is equally at ease singing a pop number, an item number or rock. The genre becomes universal to a singer. Also, today’s singers are provided lots of avenues, concerts, television shows and a host of other opportunities to be seen and heard.

Does Sonu still record over 10 songs a day especially since you are covering most regional languages as well?
Honestly speaking, I used to work like a machine. I used to record close to 15 songs a day. Imagine traveling to three or four recording studios in Mumbai with the traffic. Also, later it became even worse as I had to fly out to different cities for my recordings. I used to work dangerously and it does take a toll on your health. I decided I was not going to record that many songs a day. I have cut short my recordings so that I can enjoy what I do in much a more fruitful and satisfying way.

What does Klose to My Soul event offer for Michigan?
I still remember my visit in 2012 to Michigan. I think Detroit is one of my favorite places where I can feel the pulse of the audience and its secret charm. Klose to my Heart in 2012 offered a combination of old and new songs with orchestra. The Klose to My Soul concert tour which is currently going on a non-stop pulsating journey to sold-out shows will offer a complete spectacle of music and dance. The concert is going to be visually engaging with a stream of dancers. Actually the event in Toronto was highly electrifying and I had to refuse a second show as I wanted to be on schedule and touch as much geographical areas as possible in North America. Palace Concerts always does a fabulous job in organizing such huge events and I am thankful to god for bringing me back.

Interviewed and written by: Anu Gopalakrishnan
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