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Miindia Foundation has been working with a Relief Team (directly in supplying the basic essentials to individuals and families). Here’s the information coming straight from the hard working relief team lead by John Chhetri and team. Miindia Foundation will donate every penny you send to the work that needs to be done on the ground.

Situation as it exists in Nepal: The situation is really badly affecting from central part of Nepal to the east. Many of the villages have been almost completely wiped out. As of now 6000 plus death confirmed and counting and will continue to rise. We expect the real number to be above 12,000. Over 15,000 injured and have affected over 6 million lives. The situation is heading into crisis which dead bodies still trapped under the debris in many places even in Kathmandu. Decomposing bodies have begun to give out foul smell and causing a major health threats. More than 1.5 million people have left Kathmandu. But we still have over 2 million people in the city.

Some info about John Chhetri and his team of volunteers: John Chhetri is from siliguri in West Bengal India and his father was with the Gurkha regiment in India. John has lived in Kathmandu for almost 13 years and the group of friends on his team is known to him for the same number of years. He has worked together for all these years on various issues affecting the people of Nepal.

Immediate need: As a Rapid Response Team the immediate task is to save the ones that are alive by providing food, water, blankets, tents and medicine. We are getting report from many places where the relief materials have not reached and government seems unprepared to handle disaster of this magnitude. As people get to know what we are doing, reports have started coming that in some areas people have not eaten anything since the earth quake.

Location: The team is working in six most affected districts (Gorkha, Sindhupalchowk, Ramechap, Kavre, Makwanpur and Kathmandu Valley) where any amount of aid seems not enough. They do not operate on people information. Every time they go to a new site, an advance team is sent for survey and to analyze the situation and then the relief team always work with local community. John Chhetri’s team tries their best to make sure that the aid reaches directly to the people who need it the most.

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These five photos are from Sankhu where the team is planning to go for relief distribution in a short while from now.

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