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ASEI Awards to Vatsala Upadhyay, Rakesh Patel & Deval Desai

December 2020

At the recently concluded American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) conference three Detroit area residents were recognized for their contributions.  Vatsala Upadhyay was recognized with the Hari Bindal ASEI Founders Award; Rakesh Patel was honored with the  ASEI Service Excellence Award; and Deval Desai was recognized as the ASEI Engineer of the Year. 

The 33rd Annual National Convention was held virtually on December 5-6, 2020. The event was well attended by scientists, engineers, students, entrepreneurs and corporate executives. 

The informative event covered several topics including:
» Quantum Computing
» Agritech innovations for a Smarter Village
» User Experience Design (UXD)
» Artificial Intelligence (AI)
» Autonomous Vehicles and Future Transportation 
» Career Management in a Disrupted Economy
» Cybersecurity
An inspiring fireside chat was conducted by Piyush Malik, SVP SpringML, with Naveen Jain, CEO Viome & Founder/Chairman - Moon Express on Exponential Technologies for Humanity’s Grand Challenges. The conversation was highly engaging and encompassing the topics of exponential technologies and life sciences. The discussion underscored the belief that exponential technologies are likely to impact humanity in the coming years. 

Congratulations to the following awardees:
» ASEI Lifetime Achievement -Naveen Jain
» ASEI Entrepreneur of the Year - Jyoti Bansal
» ASEI Engineer of the Year (Mech/Solar) - Dr Yogi Goswami
» ASEI Engineer of the Year (Industrial Operations and Product Management) - Deval Desai
» ASEI Service Excellence Award – Rakesh Patel
» Hari Bindal ASEI Founders Award - Vatsala Upadhyay
» Leadership and Contribution to ASEI - Rakesh Guliani and Sunita Dublish  

Dr. Hari Bindal, who recently passed away due to COVID-19 and one of the founders of ASEI, was remembered for his contribution to the organization. His son Dr Neeraj Bindal gave a moving tribute to his father while presenting the Founder’s award to Vatsala Upadhyay.    

Youth Technology Exposition (YTE)  top 3 winners declared were: 
(1) Nidhi Mathihali (2) Jyoti Rani and (3) Isha Jagadish

Kudos to Jwalant Lakhia – President of ASEI and Anu Gopalakrishnan MC/Moderator (both Detroit area residents) for making the event a huge success.

About ASEI:
The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) is a not-for-profit organization that provides a platform for networking, career advancement, community service, mentoring and technology exchange for professionals, students and businesses in the United States and abroad. ASEI was founded in 1983 in Detroit, Michigan by a handful of visionaries. Today, the organization also has chapters in Michigan, Southern California, Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Washington, DC. For more information, visit:
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