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Be careful around lakes and rivers – Safety tips for swimmers

Swimming accidents cause thousands of accidental deaths in America. Just last week two young men from India lost their lives in Ohio.  Karthick Alagarsamy and Raam Gautham Arjunan died due to a swimming accident last Sunday (July 26, 2020) at Rose Lake in Hocking Hills State Park.  Karthick was a Wayne State University Graduate. Karthick also worked for DTE Energy and was one of our community members.  Every year, we lose our community members to swimming accidents.  Just a couple of months ago 3 family members including a young girl in New Jersey died in a swimming pool accident at their home.  A few years ago, we lost a father and his son at an apartment pool in Northville.  These tragedies are devastating to the families. 

Here are some tips:
» Always wear a life jacket if you plan on getting in water at a lake, river or ocean. Even good swimmers need one.  Many of the lakes can have deep and muddy areas where it becomes difficult to swim.  Rivers and oceans may have rip tides that can drown even seasoned swimmers.
» Pay attention to kids around water.  Never let kids swim without an adult around.
» Drinking and swimming is a bad combination.  
» If you can’t swim don’t jump in the water to save somebody. Alert others nearby and call 911.
» Learn to swim.

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Be Safe! 

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