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COVID-19 - Increasing infections, Booster shots and kids vaccination

November 2021

You may be aware that covid cases in Michigan have been on the rise during that 2 months.  The 7 day daily average is a little under 5,000 new cases and percentage of positivity is 14%.  This is very high.  Hospitalizations are also increasing. 

During the past several weeks there have been numerous community events (Navratri, Diwali etc.) with no adherence to safety protocols like masks and social distancing.  It is apparent now that vaccinations certainly prevent infections but not 100% effective.  There have been many breakthrough infections. Older and high-risk individuals should exercise caution. 

Many physicians are recommending booster shots. Most adults are eligible. Also, children ages 5-11 are eligible.  Indian community organizations have announced vaccination drives for kids and booster shots.  

Here is the current list:

Local pharmacies, health clinics and hospitals are offering COVID vaccination shots. 

A number of companies like FORD, GM and Stellantis requiring their employees to be fully vaccinated. Also, if you plan on travelling overseas you most likely need to be fully vaccinated.  

With the cold weather upon us the risk of transmission is high. Let us be safe and protect ourselves and others around us.  Wear a mask and avoid large gatherings.

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