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COVID-19: Second wave is ravaging India - Please Help

April 2021

The second wave with a mutated version of the COVID-19 is ravaging India with millions of infections and a large number of deaths.  It is heart wrenching to see images of people die due to lack of medical care. Oxygen scarcity is a huge issue in a number of metro areas like New Delhi.  The need is immense.  It is time to help.  We have identified three organizations to donate money to.  The funds will be utilized to acquire and quickly deploy life saving equipment. They have people on the ground in India.

1. SEWA International
2. American India Foundation (an appeal form UM Medicine)

SEWA International is a top-rated non-profit that has been active on the ground to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic situation in Indian.  

Sewa volunteers are working on building a digital Helpdesk to provide critical information such as ambulance service, hospital bed availability and blood and medicinal supplies to people. They are working on distributing essential item kits to families and assist more than 1000 orphanages and senior care centers. 
This is a collective effort that can save lives, defeat hunger, assure distressed people, and help India in its decisive fight against COVID-19.

Sewa is a registered non-profit under IRS 501[c][3] in the US.

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel has made a special appeal to help

The University is recommending a contribution to American India Foundation (AIF).  The organization is focused on the following:
» Oxygen Concentrators
» Ventilators
» Portable Hospitals
» Cold Storage equipment

They are also focused on health care worker and community-centered interventions.
Here is the payment link:

Please type “University of Michigan” in the comments section at the bottom.

American Indian physician non-profit AAPI (Association of American Physicians of Indian Origin) is arranging for funds to acquire oxygen concentrator devices, and with the help of Indian Embassy in USA and Ministry of Health, India to distribute these devices to hospitals and organizations caring for COVID-19 patients. 

Link to donate:

Other ways you can donate:
ZELLE (AAPI registered account :


CHECKS: written to AAPI
Our mailing address is:
600 Enterprise Dr Ste 108
Oak Brook, IL 60523-1978

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