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COVID-19 cases are very high in Michigan – Download the contact tracing App

November 13, 2020

Unfortunately, COVID-19 the dreaded coronavirus daily infection count is at its highest level in Michigan. We are seeing 6,500 cases a day.

Please be very cautious.  As this is a highly contagious, air borne disease the best solution is to stay clear of people in an indoor setting. Hospitals are reporting a significant increase in COVID-19 cases. 

In addition to wearing a mask (properly with nose and mouth fully covered) and washing your hands, maintain at least 6 feet distance from others.  If anybody is coming to visit your house be warned even if it is your kid from college.  

State of Michigan has released a contact tracing app.  Download and install it now.  

Download the MI COVID Alert app to be able to receive notifications. This is a contract tracing app.  It alerts you when your phone is in the vicinity of a COVID-19 positive individual (if his/her phone also has the app).  

Save lives including yours.

The app is available at:

Google Play Store:


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