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COVID Crisis in India – Join volunteer platform to help coordinate with Indian Red Cross

A dedicated group of individuals have joined together to create a network to help the needy in India.

This platform has been coordinating with Indian Red Cross officials to render help where needed.  Communication and interaction is via WhatsApp and Zoom.   The dedication and selfless service provided by Red Cross officials is commendable. You will get to meet them on zoom calls.

As an individual you can make a difference. You don’t need to be the leader of an organization. Your passion to service will help make a difference in saving lives. 


1. Can I send money directly from here to Indian Red Cross?
No.  Indian Red Cross cannot accept International contributions.

2. Can I ship Oxygen concentrations or other medical equipment to Red Cross?
Yes you can do it.  Red Cross will record the receipt and own the equipment. Red Cross will add it to their equipment inventory and manage usage.  They will transparently rotate it among patients.

3. How can Red Cross use the equipment to help my contacts (relatives, friends)?
You can make a request to the Red Cross official in the city/district. They will deliver the equipment as a top priority. 

4. Share more information about this process?
With this platform one can get in touch with various Red Cross officials in multiple States.  They are on the ground with volunteers 24x7.  Note that this is an informal process, but it works and is transparent.  They handle multiple requests daily.  

5. How can I procure the equipment?
Members on the platform continue to provide options.  The equipment needs to be shipped from a non-profit here to Red Cross so that taxes can be waived.  One may donate to a local non-profit here in USA to procure the equipment and ship it to India.  You can identify one yourself or members on this platform can help you with it.

6. How to join?
Please text the following information:
City in USA
Email id
Tel #
City and State in India (you want to coordinate help for)

Text to  248.875.2259  or 248.656.6968 or miindia Whatsapp

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