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COVID – Health precautions for visiting parents

February 2021

While many families have postponed air travel since March 2020, now there are more people travelling to USA from India. We are still in a serious pandemic situation. Getting sick is always a major concern for older parents visiting from India. There are cases where some were infected with COVID while, sadly, a few even succumbed to their illness in the metro Detroit area.

Dr. Sarju Shah, an experienced family medicine and Geriatrics physician has shared the following helpful information:

Given the prevailing pandemic, it is important to follow various precautions.  Age, chronic medical condition and exposure to infected people are critical factors to take into consideration. 
It is important to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Residents age 65+ may register at hospitals and select pharmacies to get vaccinated.  It is likely that you will get vaccinated in the coming weeks. 

Here are more suggestions:
» Travelling always increases the risk of infection. Safety precautions are required during the flight travel.
» Visitors from India need to come with enough prescription medicine supply.  
» Avoid social events including get-togethers with family and friends.
» Wear a mask if you have to go outside. Hand hygiene and social distancing are needed at all times.
» If symptoms or upper respiratory discomfort is experienced, immediately contact a physician.  Do not ignore these symptoms.
 Healthy living, physical activity and adequate sleep always helps build your immunity.

Stay healthy!

Dr. Shah is serving the community out of his office in Canton. For more information click here

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