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COVID Vaccine Registration Information

February 20, 2021

Please take a look at the latest information (compiled by SAMOSA) on COVID vaccine options in South East Michigan. 

At present, COVID vaccine is being administered through several channels. Health care workers are the top priority followed by residents age 65+.  In addition to hospitals, there are programs through your County’s health department.  Large pharmacy drug stores are also receiving supplies and have started vaccinating residents.

It is expected that the pace of vaccination will pick up rapidly in the next month. 

President Biden has stated that 300 million vaccine doses will be available by July 2021.  This should help us start leading more normal lives later this summer.

Many Michigan Indians are also hoping to travel to India after receiving the vaccination so that they can feel safe. CDC has warned people to continue to adhere to mask and safety protocols even after getting vaccinated.  This will stop the virus from spreading as vaccinated people can still be carriers of the virus. 

Please take look at the information below to get registered for COVID vaccine.  This information is subject to change as more channels are added.  Please share any updates with us

Be safe! Stay healthy!

How to find or sign-up for a Covid Vaccine

The State of Michigan is currently vaccinating phase 1A and 1B:
PHASE 1A : Paid and unpaid persons serving in health care settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials and are unable to work from home as well as residents in long-term care facilities.
PHASE 1B: Persons 75 years of age or older and frontline essential workers in critical infrastructure.

These are some links to sign up with your Local Pharmacy :
You can get in a virtual line even if you are not phase 1A or 1B:
Kroger and CVS do not currently have sign-ups in MI. We will keep you posted if this changes

Here is a link from NBC news to find a vaccine in your area (helpful if you are looking outside of the SouthEast MI area):

Here are the County links for signing up for the Covid 19 Vaccine:
Covid-19 Vaccine Senior Clinic in Canton | Feb 25 & 26 (note: this is Wayne County not including Detroit and they are still in phase 1A. Keep checking here if you are in phase 1B) (note: Macomb also has a phone number to call)

Receiving your Vaccine through the Hospital System:
To our knowledge, all hospitals (U of M, Beaumont, Henry Ford, & Ascension) are currently
randomly contacting qualified individuals so if you do not have any account (mychart) with them,
please try to make one.

We hear that if you call Beaumont and tell them you don’t have access to a computer, they will
automatically connect you with a person to help you schedule (if you are eligible). Here is the
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