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COVID in India – Launched Doctors’ hotline and expanded network with Red Cross

May 22, 2021

As you may be aware, the situation in India is still critical. Millions are impacted.

The WhatsApp group created recently (click here for details) to render service in coordination with Red Cross volunteers in India is very active.  A number of people have been helped.  Doctors here and in India are also part of the group. 

Doctors’ hotline launched 
Troy, Michigan based company VOIP Office ( has set up free Hotlines for residents of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana  and Haryana with support from Indian Red Cross and several doctors there.  Free consultation is provided ONLY to individuals who are quarantined at home.  It is truly a humanitarian gesture initiated by Sunny Reddy of VOIP Office and a team of volunteers.  Timely advice from Doctors can help save lives.  Please share this information widely.

Here are the numbers:
» Andhra Pradesh  040-40527744
» Telangana – 040-40527746
» Haryana (Just added) – 040-40527735

Volunteers on the WhatsApp group have helped the friends and families of several US residents.  Many requests for urgent help with Oxygen, medication or hospital beds have been fulfilled.   Doctors here have organized several ZOOM calls also to discuss treatment options. Equipment purchase information has been shared. Many have donated life-saving equipment too.

Please contact these numbers if you like to volunteer or seek help.
Text to  248-875-2259  or 248-656-6968 or miindia Whatsapp

In addition to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana the following networks have been launched. Red Cross coordinators have been identified:
» Tamil Nadu
» Maharashtra

You can join the group and help coordinate help for ANY CITY OR STATE in India. This is a volunteer driven effort in coordination resources in India.  There are no constraints. Please help!
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