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Community celebrates World Seniors Day! Mrs. Madhu Kapila awarded Miindia Senior Icon of the Year 2022

Organized by Mai Family Services (MaiFS), the community celebrated its second Annual Golden Club program on 21st August - World Seniors Day at IGGF in Canton. The event was a huge success with seniors of the community coming together from various parts of SE Michigan. The event was filled with fun and vibrant entertainment programs by seniors. Volunteers of Mai Family Services selflessly committed their time by handling food and other logistics for the seniors. The entire event was filled with such positivity and bliss without a dull moment.

The Golden Club Program aptly titled Yaadein 2.0 made its debut last year. A live orchestra of senior singers highlighted some old memorable songs that had the seniors on their feet - dancing and clapping. Dr. Usha Ram (MaiFS Board Member and one of the founding members) welcomed the gathering with a strong narrative on holistic and healthy living. Mr. Manoj Sachdeva (Founder-IGGF and MaiFS Patron) who graciously provided the venue for the seniors spoke about togetherness and how it is critical for the senior community to gather regularly for a peaceful and happy mind. Senior women and senior men danced to some lilting tunes, choreographed by our respected community member Mrs. Usha Shah. Mrs. Madhuri Agarwal, Mrs. Senior Pageant winner from Michigan spoke about her commitment to social causes, and her tragic accident that led her to compete for the pageant. Abha Singh and Anand Sharangpani shared some poignant memories of their journey with the community. Rajesh Sharma emceed the event. Mrs. Madhu Kapila and Mr. Inder Thawani presented details around Senior Assisted Living facility in Plymouth for Indian Americans. 

Golden Club is a service-oriented program that is geared toward the seniors ages 60+ in Southeast Michigan who need support and help with basic essentials. It is cost free to the members. Members are assisted by trained and certified social workers of MaiFS. Several seniors have registered for the program which offers several fun events - park walks, movie nights, book clubs, potluck etc. The program also offers access to life's necessities - groceries, postal mail and tech help. Trained volunteers serve the premium members of the program with weekly calls to beat isolation and loneliness. The program also provides an opportunity for the seniors to connect across generations with informative resources and tools. Please visit thanks Mai Family Services for offering a platform to felicitate Mrs. Madhu Kapila, a paralegal professional in Michigan. Mrs. Madhu Kapila has spent tireless hours serving the community since 1970’s and is currently leading operations at the Plymouth Senior Assisted Living facility for Indian Americans. She was also the first woman chairperson of the Hindu Temple of Canton. 


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