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DARSHANA - Travelling Hindu Culture and Civilization Exhibition

May, 2022

Swami Vivekananda toured America in the 1890s (over a 130 years ago) and enthralled audiences in various cities including Detroit, Chicago, Boston and New York.  Speaking at the Parliament of World’s Religions, Swami Vivekananda highlighted the key aspects of Hinduism. Today there are 2.5 million Hindus in America (1.2 billion worldwide).  While access to information has increased multifold there is still a need to build awareness of the third largest (and perhaps the oldest) religion in the world.

A unique exhibition titled “Darshana: A Glimpse into the Hindu Civilization” will be presented on May 6th, 2022 in Troy Michigan.  The exhibit presents a colorful overview of Hindu concepts and practices, offering an opportunity to learn about one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a continuing global presence today. The exhibition features a variety of topics, ranging from yoga and divinity to mathematics and administration, demonstrating how Hindu knowledge has manifested in all aspects of human endeavor.

The Exhibition is expected to create and raise awareness of Hindu thinking, contributions, and common practices. Compiled by a group of Hindu-Americans, it aims to clear misconceptions, introduce some key terms, and inspire further research into the rich culture that has found its home in the United States and globally.

Today over 2.5 million Hindus live in America, making Hinduism the fourth-largest faith according to most recent estimates. It is also universally accepted that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. A big component of Hinduism is shared democratic values, cultural identity, pluralism, universal oneness, and mutual respect for people who come from the Indian subcontinent.

The exhibition includes a guided tour, a cultural program, yoga demonstrations, and hands-on workshops on arts.

It is a unique opportunity for school and college students to attend and invite friends and neighbors as well.

FREE Admission!

Visit here for more information.

Date & Time: Friday, May 6, 2022
2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Venue: 3270 W Big Beaver Rd
Sheffield Office Park, Troy, MI 48084

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