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Dangerous Winter Weather in Detroit – Safety Tips

Feb 2021

Heavy snow is likely to disrupt normal life for many. In addition to treacherous driving conditions there are health risks to be aware of too.  Here are a few suggestions for your own safety.

Please check the road conditions on the radio or web before you venture out. If conditions are bad, then don’t leave home unless you have to.  With the “work from home” option (due to COVID-19) for many, it is a blessing to stay at home and avoid traffic risks. Click here for winter driving tips  previously published on

With heart disease being a concern in our community, it is important to be cautious during the winter months. Research proves the risk of heart attack is greater during the winter season.  Strenuous activities could put too much pressure on the heart, especially if it’s already working harder than usual to pump blood throughout the body to keep you warm. Don’t shovel snow if you are out of breath. Take it slow.

Please dress warm and cover your head and ears when going outside. If you feel any discomfort, please contact your health care provider. Frost bite due to exposure of toes is a major concern too, especially for kids.

Stay warm. Stay safe.

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