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Diwali 2022 celebration in Canton Township, MI

October 2022

Thousands participated in Canton Township’s “Festival of Lights” celebration on Friday October 14th. 

The second annual Diwali celebration featured dance, music, shopping and fireworks. The outdoor celebration was held at the Heritage Park amphitheater.  The township, with a large Indian origin population, helped organize the event and sponsored the grand fireworks display by the pond.  

Adults and children had a fun time with DJ music and dance.  Canton Township Supervisor Anne Marie Graham-Hudak welcomed the crowd and shared her greetings.  Township Trustee Tania Ganguly (who took the lead in planning the event) and State Representative Ranjeev Puri also the welcomed the audience.  Event highlights included dance performances by local talent, delicious Indian dishes, fashion, henna and a photo booth as well.  

The fireworks display lit up the night sky with audience cheering with excitement. It certainly was a memorable event for all.  

The event was made possible by the support and hard work from Township staff. Sponsors included, Sistar Mortgage, Realtor Piyush Dave, Raja Rani Restaurant and Best Brains.

Happy Diwali!

Photos from the event:


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