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Diwali resolution passed by the State of Michigan

November 2021

Sen. Jim Runestad introduced a resolution on Tuesday November 2nd , 2021 to recognize the historic, cultural, and religious significance of the festival of Diwali. He was joined by members of the Indian Community from the 15th Senate District who visited the State Capitol for the special recognition. Senate Resolution 91 was adopted by a voice vote.

“It was a great honor to welcome my friends from Oakland County to the Senate in celebration of Diwali,” said Runestad, R-White Lake. “It is said the rows of lamps lit as part of the Diwali celebration symbolize the light within the individual that rids the soul of the darkness of ignorance.

This universal lesson of light triumphing over darkness — the ideal that good triumphs over evil — is a message of hope, peace and prosperity that unites all people of goodwill. I wish all who celebrate the festival of Diwali a peaceful and joyful holiday,” Runestad said.

Note: Our community members Sunny Reddy and Rupesh Srivastava work closely with Sen. Runestad and have invited him to several community events.  

Please find the image & video below:

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