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Election 2022 – Candidates from our Community

October 2022

It is the election season in America! During this midterm election year, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be contested. Both democrats and republicans are keen on tilting the balance of power in their favor.

In Michigan, the Governor’s race this year is a big deal.  On a positive note, more than ever, the Michigan Indian community is engaged in the electoral process.  Many are directly involved in campaign activities.  A number of fundraisers have also been held by our community members raising thousands of dollars. 

Civil rights, racial equality, health care, immigration, education, foreign policy, taxes and economy are important factors for nearly every resident in America and we are no exception.  This year abortion rights is a hotly debated topic. 

Please Vote - Election Date:  November 8th
Please vote!  Every vote counts.  Our community has made significant progress in voter turnout. Candidates are starting to recognize the strength of our community.

Indian origin candidates in 2022 Michigan Elections 
Here is a list of candidates from our community.  We wish them success to make us all proud in serving the State of Michigan and the United States of America!

Padma Kuppa
MI State Senate District 9 Candidate.  Please visit for more information

Ranjeev Puri
MI House District 24.   Please visit for more information

Shri Thanedar 
US Congress  13th District  Please visit for more information

Sam Singh 
MI State Senate District 28. Please visit for more information

Sima Patel
Judge Michigan Court of Appeals Please visit for more information

Anupam Chugh Sidhu
Plymouth Canton Community School Board - Visit for more information

Ajay Raman
Oakland County Commissioner – Please visit for more information

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