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Election 2022 - November 8th - Please Vote!

November 2022

Here is an appeal to all eligible voters in our community. PLEASE VOTE!

This year’s election, scheduled for Tuesday November 8th,  is considered by many to have a consequential impact for millions in Michigan and America. 

In addition to US Congressional elections, Michigan residents will vote several positions including Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Representatives, State Senators, School Boards, Judges, local elected positions and more.  Also, presented in the election cycle are three Proposals  - Proposal 1: limiting term limits and requiring financial disclosures;  Proposal 2: changes to voting laws including early voting and drop boxes and  Proposal 3: abortion rights 

Indian Americans comprise the second largest immigrant group in America (behind Mexican Americans) despite the fact that we make up just 1% of the electorate.  During the last few years there has been a significant uptick in contributions to election campaigns around the country along with voter turnout.   Make history, please vote.

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