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Elections 2022 - An appeal to Michigan Indian American Community

Indian American community’s civic engagement
June 2022

Indian Americans comprise the second largest immigrant group in America (behind Mexican Americans) despite the fact that we make up just 1% of the electorate.  During the last few years there has been a significant uptick in contributions to election campaigns around the country. Voter turnout is also improving.   It should be known that election campaigns are funded by contributions.  Contributions can be made only by US Citizens and Green Card holder.

Common sense dictates that civic and political engagement is required to ensure the following:
1. The Indian American community is not marginalized
2. Our civil rights are not violated due to misinformation and bias
3. Our children will have equal opportunities and rights.

We should unite in supporting candidates (regardless of party affiliations) that will support us on the above 3 points.  We should volunteer in school activities, local non-profits and city run groups.  Our voices and opinions should be heard. Anybody can volunteer including non-citizens.  

The upcoming primaries in August and the elections in November are critical for the State and country. Support candidates that understand us and will speak for us. Please don’t brush it off as somebody else’s job.

Immigration is one of the key focus items for our community.  Restrictions and delays in obtaining green cards have been causing stress to thousands of families. Consequently, Michigan is losing out on talent.

  • Contribute to elections campaigns … it makes a difference in the long run.
  • Get out to vote
  • Volunteer your time

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