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Green Card relief – House Judiciary Committee approves – More action needed

April 9, 2022

On April 6, 2022 the House Judiciary committee passed legislation HR3648 or the Equal Access to green cards for Legal Employment (EAGLE) Act to eliminate the per-country cap on issuing of Green Card on employment-based immigrant visas and to increase the per-country cap for family-based immigrant visas from seven per cent to 15 per cent.  The next step is for the House to debate and vote. Then the Senate needs to vote on it and finally the President has to sign into law. Link to the bill:

For the last several years thousands of Green Card applicants have been waiting in uncertainty to get their approvals. In addition to family-based applications, most of the applications are by Indian-origin H1B workers.  The primary reason for the backlog is due to a 7% annual cap for applicants based on country of origin.  It is not uncommon to see applicants waiting for over 15 years. This backlog is projected to increase to a 100 years!

Good for America
Timely issuance of green cards will attract and retain top talent. With the prevailing labor shortage it is imperative that this bill is passed into law. These applicants (residents) make significant contributions to the economic growth of America by investing in homes, cars etc. Many of them are innovators and are likely to succeed as entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly America will prosper if this issue is quickly solved.

It is important that business leaders, students, professionals, educators and civic leaders  voice their support to this bill to ensure short and long term economic prosperity for America.  

State Rep.Padma Kuppa also introduced a bipartisan Resolution HR 248 ( the Michigan House requesting US Congress to end country of Birth Discrimination. With Michigan being a major automotive center of excellence, this effort to attract and retain talent will likely benefit Michigan significantly.  

Support and Volunteer 
Local resident, Ramagopal Reddy who is leading the advocacy group in Michigan to help the cause. He and his group are continuously working with Senators and Representatives to end the country of Birth discrimination in Employment Based green cards. 

Contact the local group of volunteers in Michigan who are advocating for fairness for High Skilled Immigrants in the US. If you would like to participate in the advocacy, please reach out to Ram @ 313-438-8489 (text or WhatsApp only) or e-mail

You may also contact your US representative and request an end country of birth discrimination.
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