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Happy World Dance Day 2022

Greetings! Celebrate World Dance Day
April 29, 2022

Dance is a part of nearly every culture. India is no exception.  Last year we published a video presentation recognizing the Indian dance schools in Michigan. We are republishing the videos again this year.

Here’s a collection that highlights the amazing diversity of performances put together by the dance gurus to commemorate World Dance Day, along with their special messages to the community.

Segment 1 - Exclusive Messages & Performances from: 
» Smt. Sudha Chandrasekar
» Smt. Sangeeta Kar
» Smt. Chaula Thacker
» Smt. Sandhya Sree Atmakuri
» PSA - Mai Family Services (
» Smt. Sreyashi Dey
» Smt. Manisha Dongre
» Smt. Asha Subramaniam
» Smt. Dhanya Vani Rao

Segment 2 - Exclusive Messages & Performances from: 
» Smt. Sailaja Pullela
» Smt. Roopa Shyamasundara
» Smt. Radhika Acharya
» Smt. Bipasha Gupta Roy
» PSA - Mai Family Services (
» Smt. Varsha Ambardekar - exclusive senior dance
» Smt. Anagha Huprikar
» Smt. Nandita Bajaj
» Mathangi Dance Company
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