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Help Ford Motor company IT employee Ujwala Thejeswini - Sad Update

Despite all your prayers  Ujwala lost her battle at 8:30 am on Sunday July 26th, 2020. Her family extends heartfelt appreciation for all the support from friends and strangers.  Om Shanti Ujwala
Ford Motor Company IT Employee, Ujwala Thejeswini is one of the most positive, affable, ebullient individuals and full of dreams. She suffered an anaphylactic attack last week and was rushed to Beaumont Hospital.

She is currently in a coma on a ventilator, fighting for her life.

Her family in Bangalore have been informed and are currently stuck at the airport in New Delhi due to the COVID situation. Your donation will support her hospital expenditures and if needed transportation with life support to India.
  We have now closed the Go Fund me Account.  Thank You.  All funds collected were forwarded to her sister to cover hospital bills, funeral and memorial service. 
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