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Help Pavan Edunoori and family

On Sunday April 11th morning a terrible fiery accident resulted in the death of Raja Mogili Edunoori a visiting parent from India.  

Local resident Pavan Edunoori’s parents were visiting him from India. Pavan and his friend Swaran, took  the visting parents on a  trip to New York and Washington D.C.   Returning from the trip, they were on I-275 (2 miles from home) when their car hit a water puddle and spun out of control  hitting the fencing.  As Pavan and his friend got off the car, unexpectedly, the car caught on fire and Pavan’s father could not be rescued because the door was jammed.  Luckily Pavan's mother was pulled out of the burning car.  Pavan suffered 35% burns trying to save his father. His mother also suffered burns.

Pavan is being treated at University of Michigan Trauma & Burns Center, Ann Arbor and will require extensive care for several weeks. His mother has been discharged but suffering from emotional trauma.

Please help the family with a contribution.

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