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Hindu Hymn Hanuman Chalisa for World Wellness chanted by 100K creating a Guinness record

A Guinness world record was established on August 15, 2020 with 100,000 plus people chanting together on a ZOOM platform. The Global event included participants from 50+ countries. 

Hanuman Chalisa is a popular hymn, recited by millions of Hindus in praise of Lord Hanuman, who symbolizes strength, sacrifice, faith and dedication for a cause.  With the prevailing pandemic, the faithful prayed for world peace and wellness for all through this event.

Philip Robertson from the Guinness team was the judge, witnessing the overall event logistics. Based on available data, the record was validated right after the event.

The event was organized by SiliconAndhra with exclusive technical support from OM Concept Media a Detroit based company  operated by community members Ashok Baddi, Murahari Devabathini and Srini Thonta. Over two months of planning and hard work made this feat possible.  SiliconAndhra, is a non-profit organization with goals to maintain and perpetuate the Indian Culture, Literature and Traditions.

For inquiries,  contact the phone numbers at +1-336-577-3098 / +1-248-470-7163 (Email:


Congratulations Team!!
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