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India to resume scheduled international flights from December 15 – What you need to know


After almost 20 months, the Indian government just announced that international airline will be allowed to fly their normal schedule flights starting from December 15th 2021.  

This should be a relief for travelers from USA with greater availability of seats. It should be noted that India has designated 14 countries as “at risk” due to alarmingly high rate of infections caused mainly by covid mutations.  The list includes United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Brazil, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, South Africa and New Zealand.  There will be a limit on number of flights from these countries only.

Flight cancellations, visa restrictions and COVID related requirements
As the number of travelers to India from USA increased significantly, since mid-November, there are numerous cases where the airline arbitrarily changes/cancels flights.  While they are flexible in extending refunds it is causing a lot of anxiety form passengers and travel agents.  If you don’t have flexibility with your travel dates then wait for things to settle down before you travel.

Note that India will continue to enforce COVID restrictions from all passengers.  Tourist visa limits, COVID testing and vaccine certification are some of the restrictions.  Please read this write-up for important information before you plan your travel.

Travel insurance is very popular now
Insurance companies are now offering coverages to protect you from trip cancellations, health insurance, quarantine coverage etc.   You can cancel for any reason if you opt for this coverage.  Most of these coverages are available for US residents only (if you live and/or work in USA).  There are several cases where US travelers to India have tested positive and had to delay their departure.  This insurance coverage will provide you with peace of mind.  More importantly, US health insurance offered by your employer will not cover medical expenses overseas.  Under the prevailing conditions, it will be prudent to obtain medical coverage also.   Click here for more information. 

Plan your travel and be safe.  

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