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India tourist visa restrictions and new rules for Indian visitors to USA – Must Read

October 2021

Tourist visa rules for visitors to India

As reported earlier, India will now allow foreign tourists to visit India starting November 15th.  Many residents without an OCI card have experienced great difficulty travelling to India since the pandemic.  Indian Government’s relaxation of visa restrictions will help many to travel to India now.  However, it is important to note key restrictions. You will need to apply for new Tourist/e-Tourist visa.  Previously issued visas are now invalid. Also, your visa needs to be utilized within 120 days from the date of issuance. More importantly, the visa is valid for only 30 days from the date of entry.  Plan accordingly.

1. All Foreign nationals intending to visit India for tourism purpose will be allowed to enter into India on e-Tourist/ Tourist Visa through chartered flight (for Group tourism only) from 15th October, 2021.
2. All Individual foreign nationals intending to visit India for tourism purposes will be allowed to enter into India on e-Tourist visa/Tourist Visa with effect from 15th November, 2021. 
3. This tourist Visa facility would be applicable only to Tourist Visa/e-Tourist Visa issued on or after 06th October, 2021 and Visas (Tourist and e-Tourist visas) issued prior to 06th October, 2021 shall remain suspended and such foreign nationals having Tourist visas/e-Tourist Visas issued prior to 6th October, 2021 will not be allowed to board flights for India.
4. Tourist Visa/ e-Tourist Visa of foreign nationals have to utilised within 120 days from the date of issue of such visa/ETA. 
5. Fresh Tourist Visa/e-Tourist Visa will remain valid for single entry for up to 30 days from the date of entry. 
6. Foreign nationals would be permitted to enter India only by designated Immigration seaport or by flights, including those under the Vande Bharat mission or air bubble scheme or by any scheduled or un-scheduled commercial flights as allowed by ministry of Civil Aviation.

Here are instructions to apply for e-visa

» e-Tourist Visa - The applicant may note that the Consulate does not process e-visas and any enquiries in this regard will need to be made directly on the e-visa portal.
» e-Visa must be applied at this portal The Government of India has not authorised any third-party to receive/process E-Visa applications.
» Regular Tourist Visa through the Consulate General of India, Chicago (Tourist visa Guidelines link)

Visitors from India to USA – Latest updates from US Government

As reported earlier, starting November 9th, visitors from India will be allowed into America. The new rules state that airlines will check for proof of COVID-19 vaccination and provide contact information to federal officials. Only fully vaccinated visitors will be allowed to enter the country.

Visitors under the age of 18 and those who have medical reasons prohibiting them from getting a vaccine are also exempt from the vaccination requirement. Foreign visitors between age 2 and 17 must still take a Covid test within three days before departure if they are traveling with a fully vaccinated adult.  Note that all travelers are required to comply with COVID testing requirements regardless of vaccination status. 

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