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Indian and American doctors volunteer to help Indian COVID-19 patients

May 28, 2021

Here is a special update on is a website created to give free COVID and Non-COVID medical advice by expert doctors of the USA and India, exclusively to Indian patients during COVID times. The platform founders are Dr. Ashish Gupta and Dr. Akanksha Gupta of Grand Rapids, MI. After a recent visit to India and personally seeing the suffering, Dr. Ashish Gupta decided to launch this effort to make  a difference.

"We wanted to penetrate to rural areas with limited medical help. Hence, we also started a Telegram group and added a feature of being able to reply in all languages via both Telegram and website. We started with a few of our expert physician colleagues, and now we have almost 70 doctors both from the US and India covering most specialties, including physicians trained at very prestigious places like Harvard, Brown, and Yale" says Dr. Ashish Gupta, co-founder of MD Help online.

These physicians give medical advice on chats via website and direct messages via Telegram. They also give appointments for direct phone consultation and talk to patients and their relatives.

MD Help Online has expert physician volunteers from the USA, like Infectious disease specialist Dr. Ekta Bansal Kohli, and Dr. Shrivatsa Nadiger, Cardiologist Dr. Saurabh Rajpal, Pulmonologist and Critical care expert Dr. Nitesh Jain, Critical care specialist Dr. Raj Karnatak, Pediatric critical care physicians; Dr. Prashant Jha and Dr. Mukul Sehgal, Radiologist Dr. Rajul Pandya, Interventional Neurologist Priyank Khandelwal, Internist Dr. Aakanksha Sharma, Dr. Rohit Singh, Dr. Kanika Yashi, Dr. Taru Sehgal Rajpal, Aishwarya Verma and Dr. Manasa Kotte, Pediatrician Dr. Piyush Shrivastava and Mansi Batra, Family medicine physician Dr. Muthumeena Kanappan. They have many expert physicians from India as well, including Critical care, Internal Medicine OBGyn, and Psychiatric experts like Dr. Neelesh Mathankar, Dr. Devesh Gupta, Dr. Deepti Gupta, Dr. Sonal Verma, and Dr. Arpit Sohane, and Dr. Nisant Ohri.

These physicians are here, for our country, to help during this crisis situation. Visit them on their website or join their Telegram group via help online and an expert physician will greet you with a very personal Namaste!!
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