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Madhuri Agarwal wins 2022 Ms. Senior Michigan Title

June 2022

Our community member and Rochester Hills resident Madhuri Agarwal has won the 2022 Ms. Senior Michigan title. 

Agarwal was one of the seven finalists competing for the crown, including Cindy Carson of Clarkston, Lisa Gulajski of Birmingham, Diane Macaulay of Rochester Hills; Marcia Preston of Rochester Hills; Joanie Rizzio of Troy; and Cynthia Zalewski-Dzukola of Rochester Hills.

Madhuri and her husband Arun are well known for their involvement with the Michigan Indian-American Democratic Caucus (MIADC).

Madhuri had committed to greater involvement in community matters after surviving a serious car accident and spending 6 months in a nursing home a few years ago.  

This marks the pageant’s 35th year.  Contestants are judged based on an interview with judges and a talent presentation which included music, singing, dance, art, hobbies or homemaking, which highlights their expertise and interests that do not diminish with age.  Each contestant also presents a 35-second statement to convey their personal “Philosophy of Life.”  Contestants are judged based on an interview with judges and a talent presentation. For this year’s talent portion, she performed a dance to Indian music while wearing a traditional Indian gown.

Madhuri will go on to compete in the Nationals for Ms. Senior America competition later this year from September 5 thru 9th, 2022 in Hershey Pennsylvania. 
Community support is a factor for title consideration.  Please contact Madhuri by July 6th for details. Let us wish Madhuri success in the Nationals. 

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