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Michigan Vs COVID-19 – Updates, Vaccines and warnings

April 9, 2021

A month ago we were hoping for a significant drop in COVID cases in Michigan. Unfortunately, case counts have spiked during the last few weeks.  Mostly younger people are getting infected at an alarming rate. Michigan continues to do a good job of administering vaccination shots with over 5 million vaccinations so far.

Many are wearing masks and following CDC safety guidelines.  Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has mandated test of youth sports participants and limits on indoor dining.

The Governor just announced that she is asking for voluntary pausing of in person classes at High Schools and also to use the carry-out option instead of dining in at restaurants.

Vaccination options for our community
A number of vaccination options have opened up for the community.  Many temples are now organizing vaccination clinics.  Please click here for more information.  Please get vaccinated and encourage your friends and family to do so.  Carelessness can cost lives.  India is also seeing a huge surge in COVID cases recently. Exercise caution when you interact with anybody travelling on planes.  With various new virus variants emerging it is best to play it safe.

With greater focus on safety and increased vaccinations, it is likely that Michigan will recover faster than most States. 

Stay safe!

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