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Michigan’s first Goshala (Cow Shelter) is now open

Maybee, Michigan

Here is an announcement from Golaka Goshala:

Goloka Goshala is Michigan's first and only Goshala. Vedic scriptures state that all Gods reside in the body of a cow. By serving cows, we can please all the Gods and satisfy our forefathers. Our goal is to show our gratitude to cows and provide them with a comfortable space to live. You are welcome to join the team of gosevaks (go: cows; sevaks: servants).

Goloka Goshala is part of Goloka Prema Dhama, which is a model of sustainable living based on the principles laid by His Divine Grace Abhaya Charanavind Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada said that human society is dependent on cows for its sustenance and, therefore, they must be protected. Lord Krishna loves cows and so do we. Srila Prabhupada wanted that we, as Krishna's devotees, protect and care for cows throughout their lives. This goshala is a small attempt to please him and Lord Krishna.

In 2019, we were searching for a property to apply the principles of Varnashrama given by Srila Prabhupada in our daily lifestyle. We came upon this current property with 3 cows (being raised for meat). Once we had seen this property, we knew that Krishna wanted us to get this because He put His cows first and marked the land for us. None of us had any experience with taking care of cows, but we sincerely wanted to serve them and please our teachers. A year later, we have more than doubled the pasture area for the cows, increased their pen space, added a winter-safe area, and turned their barn space into a comfortable warm bed.

We have 4 bulls and 3 cows who have been rescued from various places in Michigan. Our cows are family members. The cows at Goloka are provided with lifelong care and will never have to endure the suffering they once underwent. They enjoy fresh supply of hay, a nice barn and green pastures all day every day. Apart from that, they receive a lot of love and care that they need to recover from their past experiences. 

We have a weekly Gopuja event on Saturday. Everyone is welcome to come, pet the cows, feed them, and receive their blessings. You can reach out to us or +1-248-238-7520

GoShala Address: 9756 Ferder Rd. Maybee MI - 48159
Phone: +1-248-238-7520 
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