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Miindia celebrates 22 years of service

September 8, 2021

Thanks to thousands of Michigan Indian residents, is one of the most impactful ethnic websites in America. Founded in 1999, continues to focus on enriching the lives of Indian American households in Michigan and elsewhere.  Every new resident in our community first visits to find a home, car, furniture, shopping information etc. We help our community stay connected round the clock on events and community news.  We continuously look for innovative options to serve you better.  We enable hundreds of businesses thrive by helping get the word out about their services in a fast and efficient manner.  We also take pride in recognizing the accomplishments of our community members including our youth.  Furthermore, we support numerous community service activities. 

We owe our success to thousands of visitors, advertisers and well-wishers.  We are committed to serving the vibrant Michigan Indian community in the years to come.

Thank You.

Miindia Team
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