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Nadanta turns 35! A journey into Indian Arts and savvy productions

“Link to the Past, Bridge to the Future, Create in the Present”
When the very first seeds of Nadanta were planted in 1979, one could never have imagined the path ahead — becoming a non-profit in 1987, traveling to distant countries to share our art, creating new productions each year, and learning and sharing together. According to Danseuse and Nadanta Founder Chaula Thacker, "we have built upon Nadanta’s original motto, revisiting the nostalgic music of our previous shows but with new and exciting choreography. Nadanta 35: Celebrating Three Decades of Dance and Artistry features over fifty incredible artists performing a dazzling mix of classical, contemporary, and folk styles. So, let’s take a journey down memory lane together as we celebrate thirty-five years of Nadanta! 

Chaula attributes Nadanata's success to all the artists, their parents, and some members of the community who have gone above and beyond supporting every initiative. “What’s so unique to me about Nadanta is the incredible community and Board of Directors (past and present) that has nourished Nadanta as it grew up. Thanks to them, Nadanta is enjoying a very happy ‘midlife! The energy and enthusiasm of the young artists I get to work with renew my dedication to teaching and dancing every single day. Nadantaa's mission has always been to work with young people, and they inspire me to always find new topics, ideas, and themes, said Chaula.

About Chaula Thacker - Award-Winning Dancer/Choreographer:
Chaula has fully dedicated her life to the study of dance in all its many forms. She studied Bharat Natyam under many renowned Gurus, including Shri Shrinivasan Shenoy (a disciple of Acharya Parvatikumar), Shri K. Ramaiya, and the legendary Padma Bhushan Bala Saraswati (known as the ‘Queen of Abhinaya or Expression’). Chaula holds a bachelor’s degree in Dance (Bharat Natyam style) from Mumbai and certificates in North Indian classical vocal music, Sitar, and Tabla. Chaula also has extensive experience in many folk styles of India as well as ballet, lyrical dance, and flamenco.

Chaula views teaching and mentorship as her calling in life, founding the Chauladevi Institute of Dance and Yoga (CIDY) where she teaches classical, creative, and folk dances in addition to yoga and meditation. Chaula is also an accomplished choreographer and dancer who has performed for audiences in India, the United States, Canada, the Former Soviet Union, Denmark, Spain, (Bali) Indonesia, and Australia. Her cultural and dance non-profit Nadanta, has staged innovative productions every year since 1987. She has worked as a visiting teacher and artist across Metro Detroit for over forty years, serving as a faculty member at CCS and teaching dance courses and graduate classes at Wayne State University, Oakland University, and Marygrove College. In addition to her multicultural work with various public and private elementary schools, she conducted a series of lecture demonstrations at eight community colleges under the auspices of the Michigan Global Awareness Consortium. She has also choreographed for Olympic ice-dancing teams and works as a dance and movement specialist for individuals with social needs or disabilities.

In recent years, Chaula’s artists and students have performed on national stages including Times Square, the Minskoff Theater in New York City, and Epcot and Magic Kingdom in Florida. Chaula and Nadanta will celebrate thirty-five years of dance and artistry in 2022!

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