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Ranjeev Puri is running for State Representative - Canton, Van Buren Twp and Belleville

Ranjeev is a father to two young boys and the husband to a small business owner, and the son of immigrants. Ranjeev worked for President Obama in 2008 and 2012 and was challenged by the President to make a difference in his own community.  Ranjeev received his MBA from the University of Chicago, and now works at Chrysler putting together solutions to ensure our auto industry and Michigan economy remain strong. Ranjeev is fighting for a more inclusive Michigan and currently running to represent the communities of Canton, Van Buren Township, and Belleville in the State Legislature.

Please vote for Ranjeev on August 4th or by absentee ballot in the mail! You can find more information on Ranjeev at his website, including a voting guide: 

Contact Info: or (734) 604-8775

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