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Recommendations to build a Healthy Immunity

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people around the world with infection rates growing daily, it is imperative that we focus on a healthy lifestyle. In general, many individuals with good immunity power are able to avoid getting seriously ill.  Building immunity is a must under today’s environment. More people are becoming health conscious by consistently following good eating habits and also an active exercise regimen.  In addition to an exercise regiment eating nutritious food works wonders.

Michigan based Holistic Health Advisor Dr. Ritu Kapoor has the following recommendations to build immunity: 

On an empty stomach take Amla (gooseberry) -  fresh juice of one Amla or one raw Amla.

Prepare a decoction drink made of:
» 7-12 Tulsi leaves
» 10 grams of Ginger 
» 4 pieces of black pepper

Boil the above in a cup of water and add 10 gram or Jaggery  OR 1 spoon of honey.

After dinner (before bedtime):
Add 1 spoon turmeric in a glass of hot milk or water

Also add the following items to your diet routinely:
» Almonds
» Broccoli
» Apple
» Sweet lime

Wherever possible please opt for organic produce.

Stay Healthy!
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