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STOP Bullying at Schools – We need more awareness

May 2022

The shocking video of a middle school boy being harassed has stunned the Indian American community this week. Unfortunately, this incident in Texas is not an isolated incident.  It just happened to be recorded and later published on social media.  More importantly, the parents had the courage to stand up to the school administration. 

Many will agree that the callous attitude of the school administrators deserves greater condemnation than the action of the bully.  It is also hard to argue that race was not an issue.

The appeal has generated over 200K signatures as of now and growing fast.  Studies show that the scars of bullying last a long time. We owe it to our kids to provide a safe environment while getting education.

Chandru Acharya, Board member, SAAVI states “The prevalence of bullying on the school property including Cyberbullying in the online space is a serious matter of concern to South Asian American Voices for Impact (SAAVI). As per CDC and Department of Education’s research, one of five high school students in the United States of America have reported to being bullied in the school campus environment. SAAVI calls upon the entire school community—students, families, administrators, teachers, and staff to work towards creating a culture of respect and zero-tolerance towards unwanted aggressive behavior and victimization of young members of our society”. will work with SAAVI to provide the needed support to help our kids and parents deal with such difficult situations. Please feel free to contact miindia if you like to play a role.

Here is the video and petition. Please sign

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