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Shooting victim Sai Krishna, a Lawrence Tech Student needs help

Here is an appeal to help a local Indian student Sai Krishna.

On January 3rd Sai Krishna was robbed and car jacked in Detroit. He had recently started working for an automotive company and was returning home at 11:30 pm.  He was shot and left stranded on the highway. 

Thanks to some good Samaritans was admitted in a hospital. However, he is in a critical condition requiring numerous surgeries followed by extended rehabilitation.

Sai Krishna is from Warangal in Andhra Pradesh. Sai Krishna has come here with dreams. He has student loans to pay off.  His

He needs community help to pay for health care expenses.  Please show your kindness and generosity, 

His friends have launched a gofundme page. Please help.  Click the link here

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