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Special Update: Record number of Employment based Green Cards processed this year

September 2022

Great news for thousands of Indians
In a typical year 140,000 employment-based green cards are processed by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).  However, this year 280,000 employment-based green cards will be processed by the end of September, 2022 (end of fiscal year).  The beneficiaries are mostly Indian citizens.

Unused green cards
Covid-19 pandemic created a unique jackpot bonanza for thousand of employment-based green card applicants during the last two years.  Due to a quirk in the Immigration Law any unused green cards in the family-based visa category will be issued to employment-based green card applicants in the following year. Due to severe staffing shortages and office shutdowns 120,000 family-based green cards were not issued during each of the last two years.  Last year only 68,000 of the surplus ended up being issued to employment-based applicants.  Therefore, 52,000 green cards were wasted because the government was just not able to process these cards.  That is not the case this year.

Thank You USCIS Director Ms. Ur Jaddou
With the of support technology companies, a group of private group of lawyers working under an umbrella organization known as “IMMpact Litigation” filed a class action lawsuit in July to pressure the government to issue all unused green cards.  This effort seems to have paid off!  USCIS Director Ms. Ur Jaddou has declared that not wasting a single unused green card one of her top priorities and implemented changes to the processes to accomplish this huge task.  As indicated above most of the applicants are Indian employees.  They and their families owe a debt of gratitude to the current administration. Many of them have waited for years.  

Surplus next year too?
Based on current trends there likely will be a surplus carry-over of green cards from the family-based category this year also.  This may further reduce the employment-based based green card backlog (still at 1.4 million).

Boost American Economy
New green card holders are likely to boost the American economy by buying homes and investing in America as their future is now secure in here. A number of them will likely start new businesses and trigger innovation.  

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