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Support Andy Meisner for Oakland County Executive

Democratic Andy Meisner is running for Oakland County Executive in the August 4th primary election.  Over his career in public service, Andy has been passionate about getting Indian Americans involved in the political process as candidates and activists.  He helped organize the Michigan Indo-American Democratic Caucus with the Michigan Democratic Party and as chair of the House Commerce Committee, he spearheaded the Michigan Spirit of Entrepreneurship program. 

As Oakland County Treasurer, he directed his office to support women and minority owned small businesses through access to grants and support.  As Executive, Andy Meisner’s focal point for economic development in Oakland County will be expanded entrepreneurship and small business support.  On a personal note, Meisner says “one of the highlights of the year for my family is always the India Independence Day celebration.  I’m looking forward to celebrating with the community again next year.”

Best Wishes to Andy, a true friend of the Indian community!

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