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US Census 2020 – An urgent appeal to residents of Troy

The census response rate for residents of Somerset Park Apartments and Charter Square Apartments (both located in Troy, MI) are very LOW.  A non-profit organization contacted to make an appeal to our community members residing in Troy to complete the simple online Census form ASAP.

Please fill out the simple questionnaire by clicking the link below:

It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the form. ALL residents (including children) at your address on April 1, 2020 should be included. 

Please include children.  Note that your visa status does NOT matter.  Students, visitor’s visa,  H1b, L1 are all ok. 
Questions are simple.

If the form is not completed soon, US Government census takers will stop by at your homes to take census.

It is strongly suggested that you take care of it online to make it convenient for all.

NOTE: This message applies to all residents who are yet to complete the US census form.  Please share this message with all your contacts residing in various cities.

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