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USCIS: Proposed H-1B Visa process rule change withdrawn

December 2021

Good news! The US government has withdrawn a proposed rule that could have complicated the H1B visa selection process. In January, the Trump administration had proposed to modify how H-1B visa applicants are selected, moving away from a lottery-based system to a selection based on ranking and wage levels.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced the withdrawal of a rule that would have changed how the H-1B visa process is administered.  The decision by the Department of Homeland Security comes after the US District Court for the Northern District of California vacated the rule in September.
Several organizations and companies had opposed the proposal. The US Chamber of Commerce and others had also filed lawsuits against the proposed rule, which resulted in the court verdict.

This announcement is a big relief for a number of employers as the intent of the rule was to choke the process and discourage H-1B hiring despite a huge shortage of skilled technical workers.
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