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Election 2018 – Michigan Indian community gets involved

The upcoming midterm elections scheduled for November 6th 2018 has energized Indian Americans to an extent never seen before. 

The anti-immigrant rhetoric for the last two years is affecting all immigrant groups including ours. Immigration is the number one topic of concern as the government is continuously announcing restrictions.  A number of Information Technology companies are unable to fill open positions as the demand far outweighs supply.  Student enrollment from India at various local universities like Wayne State and Lawrence Tech have drastically reduced. It should be noted that Indian origin engineers and IT professionals have played a significant role in the revival of Michigan’s economy. Without our community members buying homes housing market would not be what it is today in cities like Troy, Northville, Novi and Canton. With a large entrepreneurial talent pool our community is now getting engaged in the electoral process to highlight issues affecting the State of Michigan and America.

A few individuals and groups are now working on creating PACs (Political Action Committee) to pool in financial contributions geared toward candidates supporting our issues. A few fundraisers have already been hosted with more scheduled in the coming weeks.  Democrat party candidate for Governor (State of Michigan) Gretchen Whitmer appears to enjoy huge following in the community. Click here for Whitmer’s fundraiser. At this stage, voting on November 6th will make a big difference. Our community appears to support mostly democratic party candidates.  PLEASE VOTE!

There are two candidates from community running for office this year. We ask that you support these two candidates.

Padma Kuppa 
Padma Kuppa is running as the democratic party candidate for District 41 (Troy & Clawson).
Padma Kuppa is well known in the community for her public service. As a dedicated member of the Troy Planning Commission, Padma has earned the respect of Troy residents for her commitment and hard work. Please note that the election date is Tuesday November 6th 2018.

Miindia recently interviewed Padma. Please listen to Padma speak about her agenda to serve the residents of Troy/Clawson and also the State of Michigan.

Dr. Anil Kumar
Dr. Kumar is running for Board of Governors, Wayne State University.  Dr. Kumar has a long association with the University.  This is a state wide ballot and he represents the Democratic party. will publish messages supporting other candidates next week.  Stay tuned.

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