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Maintaining a home in America and how to be a great neighbor

Written by a home realtor – copyright miindia

Owning a home tops the list of achieving the American dream. Most homeowners take pride in owning a home, living in a beautiful well maintained house surrounded by like-minded neighbors. The purpose of this article is to shed light on some of the do’s and don’ts of home ownership.

Maintain a clean yard.
Letting grass grow too tall and not getting rid of weeds is the quickest way to irk your neighbors. While many of them are too polite to be vocal about it there are incidents of complaints filed in a number of cities against residents not taking care of their yards. A poorly maintained lawn or landscaping with weeds is a major turnoff and lowers the value of the homes. Simply put, your neighbors will not like it. While you may think that it is your property and therefore has the right to “not” maintain your lawn the fact remains that each city has rules that penalize the home owner for being slack.

Please maintain your lawn and yard. If you are too busy or don’t know how, spend the money and hire a lawn maintenance company.

Paint and upkeep
Keep your house clean inside and outside. Get the house painted every few years. This will help the home look beautiful and also protect it from extreme weather conditions. Get your deck stained to keep it looking beautiful.

Cooking odor
Desi style of cooking causes long lasting odors (depending on frequency, type of spices and oil you use) in the house. While this problem cannot be eliminated, it can be managed. Install a high powered exhaust system in your kitchen to minimize the impact. This will also help you keep your furniture, clothes and coats free of frying related odor. When it comes to selling your home bad odor will drive away a potential buyer.

Using equipment with care
Don’t cut grass before 9 am or after 9 pm during weekends. Peace and quiet is something your neighbors cherish. To maintain good neighborly relations be considerate.
Read the instructions before using a lawn mower, snow blower and other power tools.

Parking cars
When visiting your friend’s homes don’t park your car blocking the sidewalk. If you have guests visiting you let them know it too. Kids like to ride their bikes and their parents resent people blocking the sidewalks. Also do not park the cars blocking others’ driveways.

General maintenance
If you are not used to fixing things around the house please hire somebody to do it. In particular plumbing and electrical work should be done right. Shoddy work may cause accidents and substantial damage to your home.

Enjoy your home and let your neighbors enjoy living in the neighborhood.
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