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Vote Yes for Canton Road projects on August 7th

On Tuesday August 7th Canton residents will have an opportunity to vote on a solution to improve roads in the township. The proposed millage (tax) will take the taxable value of your home (note that is significantly lower than the market value) multiplied by .00145. On a home with a taxable value of $150,000 the annual tax is $217. This is about the average cost to each home owner every year. The information provided by the township indicates that these funds will subsidize the allocations from Wayne county.  All these funds will only be spent to improve Canton’s roads. With rapid growth in Canton’s population it is critical to improve the road infrastructure.

1. Property values will go up as Canton will expand and be more desirable.
2. If you live in a subdivision that proposal will fund part of the cost of fixing the local roads. Without this solution each homeowner will need to pay more association dues to take care of it.
3. Better roads mean less damage to your vehicle.
4. You will save time and gas when it takes less time to go to places. 
5. It will be safer as new projects will enhance intersections. 

Note that you must be a registered voter.

Please let your neighbors and friends know.  Vote YES to make Canton roads better.  Mark your calendar for August 7th.

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