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Academic tutoring of prek to early elementary students

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Rani / 973-641-4370 (C)


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I am a private academic tutor, tutoring kids from Pre-K to grade 2. 
Subjects taught: English and Math. and any other subjects needing help with. 
I help students with completing their school homeworks. 
I teach from the basics till as needed by each student. 
I go with the pace of each child, irrespective of their respective school progress. 
They learn from the basics of English and Math. till as much as they need to know and beyond. I am always very proud of all my students for their accomplishments. 
My students learn well, they are mostly a grade higher in standard to their respective school grade level. 
I take the sessions any and all 7 days a week, from the comfort of my home. 
With covid, online /zoom sessions have been going equally well with no concern. 
To be noted here, if the family is fully vaccinated and immunized against covid, I can have in person session with the child, from my home in Novi. 
I do have make-up sessions for any missed class, but that should not be made into practice, please. 
I give home works after each session, if the child wants it and I make sure the child does the work on their own. 

I was a pre-k, k and early elementary school student for the last 12 years. My students faired very well in their academics. 
I am tutoring for the past 10 years, first started by my school students' parents. And I enjoy being with and tutoring/teaching children of this age group. 
N.B: I am not a special ed. teacher.  
Call /text/ email me any time with any question, at your convenience. 
Thanks all for your time.

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